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Do you need some garage cabinets to help with all the clutter?

Bigfoot of Las Vegas designs and installs custom garage cabinets

Here is how it works. First, you need to determine what you are looking for in your new custom storage system. Once this is determined, your first step is to give us a call at (702) 763-9341 during normal business hours to schedule a free in-home estimate. You can also do this by filling out the form to the right or on our contact us page. Best part? You will get to talk to an actual human and not an automated system! Our business hours are from 9-5pm Monday-Friday. All appointments will be scheduled and completed during business hours.

Second, you will be contacted before the estimate to confirm the time, a courtesy in case you may have forgotten. An estimator will then come to your house during the scheduled appointment time. Be aware that the estimate can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. The actual time will depend on how many questions you have, how detailed a design you are going for, and any obstacles our estimator has to work around and work into the design (placement of water heaters, electrical, doorways, etc.)

The estimator will bring with him or her, a book of completed garage cabinets for you to look at. They will also bring with them product samples so you can see the materials used for the new install. Once all your ideas are discussed and obstructions are addressed, the estimator will leave and return to discuss plans and price with the management team. You will not receive the estimate the same day, this usually takes 1-4 days depending on how in depth your plans are, how many obstacles there may be to work and build around, and how many changes you require from the original rough design.

Once you receive the scaled out version of your plans, you will also receive the pricing for all options and upgrades (if any) that were chosen. This can be received via email, fax, or an in-person scheduled meeting to discuss the plans. At this time, any changes that are required will be made to your plans. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your designs so any edits will be made at your request.

Finally, you have gone over all the plans, pricing and paperwork and have decided that this is 100% what you want built and installed. Before the installation can begin, Bigfoot Garage Cabinets requires a 50% deposit. When the deposit is received, we will schedule the install times. Depending on upgrades, the lead time for the product parts can take up to 7 weeks. Normal time is 2-4 weeks for manufacturing. The install time is setup within this time frame to make sure we stay on task for project completion.

We then send our team of NON subcontractors to your home at the scheduled time to do the installation. Our employees are well versed in how to handle the product and how to transport and install the product properly. Our installers are well educated on both product handling and installation, and will clean up everything upon completion. You can then get started putting things away and are able to park your car in the garage that same day. After the entire cleanup is done, we will ask you for the final 50% payment. The job is now complete, and we hope you are satisfied with your new custom garage cabinets.

If you have any problems or concerns upon completion, don’t hesitate to ask questions.If you see something damaged or not correct, we will make it right.​







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